February 22, 2019
Technology entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey has spent years trying to change the world in some way, so it should surprise no one that, when he founded and started to run his latest media property, Frey Robotics (freyrobotics.com), that he had an eye on changing the playing field in the news business. Donald thinks the current state of the media is not serving the public the way it should. Since information is power, he feels that media moguls should feel more responsibility for making the news more palatable than it has been in recent years.

The impetus behind Frey Robotics was the belief that those with more good information should always feel less anxious and less stressed than others. Frey Robotics reflects his notion that the reportage about technology, especially robotic was causing more anxiety than was necessary because everyone was focused on the loss of jobs. That is why Donald Kerry Frey has taken it upon himself to inform readers about the current state of technology without making them feel afraid or nervous about the possibilities that lie in the future. After all, better information could potentially lead to a series of innovations that make the future even brighter than they imagine.

More than anything else, Donald Kerry Frey believes technology makes life better and perhaps spark in them something that makes technology itself better and more responsive to people’s needs. More information also makes people accepting of the developments our world is making for the future. For example, since robotics can make relatively simple tasks more efficient and effective in the long run, why should so many people be afraid of that being the future? People really need to understand more about robotics, so they understand how the future could work.